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Impossible Foods Inc. is a company that develops plant-based substitutes for meat products. Founded in 2011, and headquartered in Redwood City, California, the company's stated aim is to give people the taste and nutritional benefits of meat without the negative health and environmental impacts associated with livestock products.The company researches animal products at the molecular level, then selects proteins and nutrients from plants to recreate the experience and nutrition of meat products.

The company's signature product, the Impossible Burger, was launched in July 2016, after years of research and development. The company also makes a plant-based sausage product that started being tested on pizzas sold by Little Caesars restaurants in May 2019.

A upset former employee said this in a review about the work environment "Good luck if you work for Impossible Foods and prepare for back stabbing by managers and coworkers. By the way Redwood city employees look down on Oakland employees, so you will feel the racial disparities."


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Former Employee - Anonymous says

"If you have your own ideas, no one wants to hear it. Matter a fact, keep your mouth shut and do just what's expected of you and you'll be fine. Be afraid to speak up, because there are repercussions. Don't care more about the company than they care about you."

Former Employee - Accounting Manager says

"Wrong hires in the wrong position. It’s isn’t a good time to go IPO not because of market conditions but because the.Accounting infrastructure isn’t complaint and is horribly dysfunctional"

Current Employee - Sol Lead says

"IT sucks as there is favourism and unreal goals People are in rush"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"In the last months we've been asked to do the impossible. Work life balance, what's that? Soooo much overtime is expected from people at the plant, and not working as hard as others (12+ hour days) makes you stick out. Management has crazy expectations, and does not listen to the employees."

Former Employee - Cog says

"-Unqualified people calling the shots. -No respect for anything or anybody. People in the IT department have been known to accuse people of crimes and go ahead and drag other people's names through the mud to earn the respect of their masters. (Odd way to earn respect if you ask me #Weasel). It is the most boring place I have ever worked in my life. The smoke about this company does not come from a fire, but instead just marketing hoopla... lots of jibber jabber. There is no upward mobility. You will be controlled. The brilliance of these highly functioning individuals goes well beyond making a veggie burger. They also try to keep you in check like a mouse in a cage. Great stuff. -Lots of pouting from the children working there. I have seen more professional behavior from kids in a daycare center. -It's a bureaucracy, your ideas are not valued. It is the same as working at an old, slow moving company like HP. Creativity not applicable. -Lots of tension between people in the company. Not sure if it's a place of employment or Big Brother with this type of drama. Overly sensitive, sulky employees. People just trying to control other people and get other people in trouble. That would be the type of behavior one would see with people with not enough to do. This behavior is rampant in this company. Drama fest. Very bad look for this place. -They will force the vegan propaganda onto you and will judge you if you are not subservient. Creepy. -Underpaid for the area. They are greedy and choose to dole out the money in an unsavory way. #Corporate #Disrupt"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Fake work. Yes, you will be given lots of fake work. Can feel like just flushing your time down the toilet. You basically do exactly what they say and contribute nothing as the very insecure directors and others up there will shoot down any creative spin you may have on a subject. Forced vegan lunches. Impossible Foods forces the vegan agenda on you and people will judge you if you are not 100% compliant. Just give us money. They just grab all the money they can from investors to keep the company going with no real plan to profit long term or short term. They do try to get into stores, restaurants, etc. but the amateur marketers and salespeople think that results in some giant profit. Unless you are someone deciding your own salary you will not be compensated for your market value. Steer clear."

Current Employee - Associate says

"no management have had some nasty coworkers no upward momentum across the board (Yet certain connected family members receive certain positions) Terrible product- it really is not good"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"While the company tout’s kindness unfortunately there is no way to guarantee it will be practiced. The lack of infrastructure, combined with inadequate HR expertise, can result in a frat house environment at best, or Lord of the Flies at worst. Tragically being assigned a new boss can turn a dream job, one never intended to leave, into an untenable nightmare, making it impossible to stay."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everyone is 20 something. No experience. Nepotism. Little tolerance for divergent views."

Current Employee - Scientist says

"Here is the deal- there have and always will be biotech startups. Now it is simply much more "hip" and there is quite a bit more hype. There are many young employees with very unrealistic outlooks on what is going to happen with this company. It can feel like you're in school classroom with the level of naiveness. My long time friend who has been a scientist for all of his career was laid off with no real reason by the "HR" person. They simply have all these unqualified people dishing out orders and don't understand the ramifications it means for other peoples' lives. There are way too many egos and those who look for opportunities to undercut one another at every turn that it makes you feel like you're walking on egg shells. It really it the most fake place I've worked where it seems like you're not really doing anything but everyone puts on an act as though theres progress and then the really naive and young employees further push the simple, unrealistic mission statement."

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Good luck if you work there and prepare for back stabbing by managers and coworkers. Btw Redwood city employees look down on Oakland employees, so you will feel the racial disparities."

Senior Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Great team. Cutting edge technology pushing the frontiers of food science and product development. Large effort on cost effective protein purification.Team membersTeam members"

Trade Promotions Analyst (Current Employee) says

"As a start-up company, they have high level knowledge of the foodservice industry. They should however; bring in higher level sales and marketing employees that are more familiar with how the industry works rather than simply bringing in employees that meet basic qualifications."

Process Operator (Former Employee) says

"Culture of the company is different based on location and demographics of employees. Needs a management Overhaul at all levels and performance should not be based on butt kissing but on quality and consistency of hard work.Free food (lunch, breakfast) ; Medical/dental/vision paid by employerSays they encourage feedback but it makes you a target; No flexibility with scheduling;"

Facilities Maintenance Facilities Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"The work is not hard, they have vegan food for staff, good pay and good benefits. Management need help and need to work on interpersonal skills for the diverse culture they carries."

Machine Operator (Current Employee) says

"This company is good short term , but takes MONTHS for an employer to direct hire. Management is great on graveyard, employees are friendly and the company if flexible with the hours"

Lead Process Operator (Former Employee) says

"I was excited to work there at first. After a while, I became bored and wanted new job opportunities within the company. I was given a contract for a new position that better suited my skill set. After signing the contract, it was rescinded a couple of months later. I was very disappointed, and decided I would stick it out for as long as I could. In the end, I had enough of the same repetitive, boring work. The people at Impossible Foods are quality people, fun to work with. However, the work in itself was very boring."

Imax Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Not much can be said other than it was interesting. It was very fast paced and very competitive. We were fed well and learned a lot about veganism. I learned not to eat fake meat... EVER."

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